Turning An Old iMac Into A Cat Bed


I won an earth day contest in upstate NY with my idea for converting an old iMac into a cat bed. I sold them on Etsy for awhile and they did really well. My idea has been used again and again by other Etsy vendors and I don’t mind. There is an abundance of Monitors in landfills and iMacs were so colorful that they simply must be repurposed into something great. Here is how I did it if happen to come across one. (and you have kitties) it is so simple…

Disconnect your old iMac from any power source or electrical equipment.

Lay the Mac on its front and unscrew all of the screws you can find. Set the screws aside, as you will need them later.

Remove the outer casing carefully, so that the inner circuitry is exposed. Locate the cathode ray tube. This should be directly behind the screen. Attach a high voltage probe and multimeter to it, using the crocodile clip. (find these items at Radio Shack)

If the voltage reads 0 you don’t have to do anything, and can start removing the inner components.

Discharge the cathode ray tube (CRT), if the voltage meter reads higher than 0. Static electricity can remain in a monitor for several months after they have been used, so this step is important for your safety. You can discharge the CRT using a high wattage resistor and grounding it, using a chassis on the ground next to the monitor

Remove the inner components once you have discharged the CRT. If you want to keep them for later use, then remove them using the screwdriver. However, if you aren’t going to keep them, you don’t have to be so careful. Once you have removed the components, dispose of them safely. Finally, remove the clips and screws holding the screen in place, and carefully remove the screen.

Clean the outer casing using hot soapy water. Replace the casing once you have ensured the Mac is empty, and screw it back together. You should now have a hollow monitor with no screen.

Once hollow place any type of pillow about 10×10 covered in the shell, I hung a little toy from the top and used two small round wood dowels to keep it level with some glue. HAVE FUN WITH IT! I glued the mouse on the side and put iCat in the keyboard letters on the side. I even customized a couple via request spelling out the kittys name in keyboard letters on the side with strong glue. If there are any stickers or ink on the monitor shell use nail polish remover and magic clean erasers to easily take it off.


Amy Wexler ~

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